Garden City

This is the first eco-friendly neighborhood in Terranuova Bracciolini, a small town in Tuscany. The project is designed to improve the life quality of its inhabitants: every home is equipped with the main technological and architectural innovations, according to the standards of energy and environmental certification by the CasaClima-KlimaHaus Agentur agency.


Here, in collaboration with Artifex studio, we took care of the design and assembly of the Metalunic sunshades by our partner company Griesser AG, the leader in Europe for solar shading systems. The section of plates and the regulation systems were studied to guarantee an excellent regulation of daylight, avoiding the dazzling and overheating during summer.


This system was essential to reach the prearranged standards of the project, because it allows you to maximize the heat transfer in the winter, obtaining remarkable energy saving all year round.


Location: Terranuova
Bracciolini (Tuscany)
Area: Construction
Services: Infissi ed efficienza energetica Frangisole e tende