Beyond products, beyond expectations.
Architecture interior design and restoration

A circular service focused on your needs: ISA Project

In the famous and art city of Florence, we gave birth to ISA Project to give you the best turnkey solutions and turnkey interior design and restoration for architecture. Our job goes beyond the simple proposal of systems and construction products. We want to face partners with various needs and a common desire: living in beauty and efficiency. That is the reason why we provide a circular service, starting from your needs and ending with reaching our goal, going through all the step of the process.

What is the meaning of architecture solutions for us? It means listening and giving advice, a professional design, delivering vanguard systems for home furnishings, interior design and restoration, to provide logistical support and installation.

We are an Italian brand, and in Italy we became a strategic partner to work with. Thanks to our skill to manage the entire process of architecture projects, we have been able to go abroad.

ISA Project is born to create ideas, to offer solutions and to build architecture.

Synergy between different competencies. Our team is our strength

ISA Project is the results of our combined abilities, intertwined in a symbiotic relationship. We have a big work team, made of professionals dedicated to specific areas of expertise. Teamwork is our strength: we work on each project in a synergic way, to deliver a real complete service.

Our pool of experts and the complementary competencies make ISA Project a strategic partner for construction professionals and companies. The one and only able to manage every kind of projects and furnishing, always following the golden rules of quality and efficiency.

We love innovation. For this very reason we invest our time and energy searching for systems, products and turnkey solutions for interior design and restoration, being able to answer today’s needs and to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.

ISA Project: many faces, one reality