Window frames and systems for energy efficiency

The choice of window frames is not just a matter of aesthetics: thanks to the use of innovative technologies and materials, they have become a fundamental tool for improving the energy efficiency of any building.

Through a personalized consultation, we will identify the most suitable product for your needs – PVC, aluminum, wood, or steel frames – both in terms of style and effective energy management.

We can also add supplementary elements to the fixtures, to make them even more effective by improving thermal insulation and air quality in the rooms. For example, the custom-made mono-block counter-frames can cancel the thermal bridge, avoiding heat dispersion and the creation of mold and humidity. They also facilitate the assembly of roller blinds and mosquito nets.

Whether it’s a first installation or a replacement of old windows, you can take advantage of the “fixtures bonus”, which provides a tax deduction or a 50% discount on the invoice. Not bad, if you decide to intervene on energy efficiency and save on the bills of your home or company headquarters.

Make the right choice from all points of view: let ISA Project recommend you the most cutting-edge fixtures from the best brands on the market.

Choose ISA Project to install your window frames in Tuscany

For new buildings, we design and install:

  • Wooden window frames
  • PVC fixtures
  • Aluminum frames
  • Doors and stel window frames in steel
  • Insulating mono-block counter-frame
  • Systems for the correct air exchange (VMC)
  • Beautiful, insulating, modern, and anti-burglary fixtures

We also deal with window frames replacement to improve the energy efficiency of the building.


Ci occupiamo anche di sostituzione infissi per migliorare l’efficienza energetica del fabbricato.

Sunshades, pergolas, and shading covers

Terraces, courtyards, gardens, and other outdoor spaces are a great resource: they allow you to take advantage of additional space by expanding the habitable room of homes, hotels, and corporate offices.

To make them truly liveable, pleasant, and useful, however, it is necessary to design them in detail, starting from the shading covers. The covers must allow sunlight to pass through, shielding it when it becomes too intense, and regulate the entry of heat both under the shading pergola itself and inside the building (if installed on the facade).

The shading systems of the ISA Project partners – such as “Brise Soleil”, for example – not only protect from the sun rays but help to intelligently manage the internal microclimate. All this without forgetting the design and use of high-performing materials, such as aluminum or wooden sunscreens.

Trust our team: we will be able to design modern and effective shading covers, tailored to your needs.

Choose ISA Project for your solar shading system in Tuscany

We customize and create:

  • Aluminum sunshades
  • Wooden sunshades
  • Shading pergolas
  • Bioclimatic roofing
  • Solar shields and technical closures

Supply and installation of wooden floors and cladding

In building projects, wood coatings – for interiors and exteriors – are of fundamental importance. Whether it is wooden floors or wall coverings, they can completely change the final effect by influencing the style and practicality of the place.

Indoor wood cladding is perfect for improving thermal insulation and making the environment warmer, those for outdoor use give a classy and refined touch to terraces and courtyards. We can design and customize wall decorations in this natural material for you, or we can take care of the design, supply, and installation of wooden floors. Each of the solutions we offer you is practical and resistant, besides having a perfect aesthetic result. 

You throw in the idea, ISA Project the experience and collaboration with the most renowned companies in the sector: the result will be flawless.

Choose ISA Project for your wood cladding in Tuscany

We deal with:

  • Interior wood cladding
  • Wood coating for exteriors
  • Wall coverings in wood
  • Supply and installation of wooden floors
  • Realization of wooden floors for outdoor spaces
  • Wooden artifacts

As always, everything is customized according to you or your customer’s needs.

Il tutto, come sempre, personalizzato in base alle esigenze tue o dei tuoi clienti.