Home furnishings and interior design

Furnitures, equipment and supplies for private clients and companies

At ISA Project we represent a strategic partner for home furnishings and interior design in Italy. We work for private clients, companies and construction professionals, to bring all-round solutions whenever they are needed.

We can help you from the very first moments of designing your spaces, being at your personal disposal with a team of smart designers and consultants. We can work in several areas of expertise, from private houses to offices, from tourist accommodation to public buildings.

Our team is at your disposal to develop beauty and efficiency for your spaces, and the same goes for the entire process. We can be at your side with a turnkey service, either in contract services for companies or in projects for private houses.

Find your home dimension

With ISA Project you can plan and build your private, public and shared spaces. Our home furnishings shop in Florence and our design experts are at your service to buy home decors and accessories, installations and architecture supplies. At ISA Project we give you the opportunity to trust a unique partner to provide all you need, starting from the professional interior design.

Thanks to our designer you will find out your home dimension, because the spaces are truly lived when they are designed for the persons that are supposed to live inside them, and for their functions.

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