Barn Renovation

A private residence near Pisa, surrounded by green rolling hills, born out of the will to restore the identity of the building complex keeping the testimonial value of the original barn and respecting the values of the environment it belongs to.


The site, managed by the architecture firm And Studio, carried the need to study customized window frames and sunshades, able to adapt to the setting. This was necessary to guarantee an aesthetically coherent result but also excellent insulating and shielding performances.


Isa Project supplied tailor-made wooden window frames, in full respect of the tradition. The choice of large fixtures and corner brackets allowed us to create a consistent connection with the contemporary style of the interiors. This way the big windows can overlook the Tuscan landscape, letting light in and perfectly combining with the style of the house.


In addition to the fixtures, we took care of the supply and installation of insulating units that guarantee correct thermal insulation and more energy saving.

This is how we combined in one single project the tradition of the barn with its contemporary reinterpretation, through welcoming spaces with great energy performance but still coherent with the surrounding context.

Location: San Miniato (Tuscany)
Area: Construction
Services: Infissi ed efficienza energetica Frangisole e tende